Way Makers Children's Ministry

Infant - 12

Our Mission

Way Makers Children's Ministry is dedicated to searching out, calling forth and developing the gifts that God has instilled in our children. Our aspiration is to nurture the confidence existing inside, in addition to implanting the understanding that we are powerful and able to perform the same miracles, healings and deliverances Jesus completed while on Earth. We are not meant to live beneath our spiritual privileges.

Way Makers Leader

Carrie McLeroy is currently over our Waymakers Children's Ministry and her goal for Way Makers Children's ministry is to mold these children into the warriors that God has created them to be.

Little Lights Nursery and Preschool Class (Ages 0-4)

Here at Way of Life, it is our goal to ensure that you are bringing your Little Lights into a fun, safe atmosphere where they can learn about the love of Jesus Christ from a young age. We have a team of dedicated volunteers who look forward to teaching your Little Lights while you enjoy the service.

Way Makers Children's Ministry (Ages 5-12)

Our Way Makers Children's Ministry will make sure that your child's new favorite place is church! Our Sunday/Wednesday classes kick off with worship crafted specifically for the children followed by an interactive lesson of the word of God, relating specifically to our children's lives. After the lesson, we play some lesson trivia and then have fun with games, crafts and snacks.

"It's not about what you're good at; it's about what God wants to use you for."
- Dr. Jacqueline Paddio